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SUBARU First Light Report

Shigemi Numazawa

I had sometime stayed Mauna Kea Observatories with NHK staff to report, take video images and photographs since 1995. And Jan. 1999, Subaru Telescope had First Light event.

About 3 years ago, I proposed to Dr. Norio Kaifu, who is a general director of Subaru, to broadcast a live TV program using Subaru Telescope. Fortunately, he also had same idea. I had told this idea to NHK staff, and it grew bigger project without my knowledge.

The plan finally materialized when Subaru had first light event. With NHK staff, I attached a new developed Hi-Definition Color I.I. camera to Subaru (cassegrain focus) , and we took over 150 celescial objects' images during only 2 nights. Also, we succeeded to live broadcasting to Japan using same system as first light event. To make Subaru telescope, Japanese Government spent an enormous sum of a tax, paid by the sweat of Japanese people's brow, as much as about 400 milion dollar. So, live broadcasting was significant to return the result to society, too. I heard that NHK received many letters from TV viewers who received impression from the program.

Subaru is star name that has come down to Japanese from the very distant past. And it means Pleiades.
This photograph took Subaru star shining above Subaru Dome. Big dipper shining above Subaru Dome

Landscape of Mauna Kea summit

Subaru Dome at sunset Subaru Dome in twilight Star trail from SUBARU dome

Subaru Dome and star trail

Subaru Telescope Subaru Telescop and Numazawa

Observation equipment put in cassegrain focus point NHK Hi-difinition color I.I camera setted in the special box for observation

Suprime-cam (wide-field CCD camera)

CCD of Suprime-cam (2000x4000 Back Iluminated x6,other 2 CCD will be added soon and it will have totally 8)

Set up extra NHK switching center at second floor of Subaru Observation Building. Images were transmitted from here.

Observing Room at 3rd floor of Subaru Observation Building. Subaru telescope is operated in this room. From left to right, Wakiya,Subaru

Telescope's operator- Dr. Goerge Kosugi, Numazawa and Dr.---- . With Subaru Telescope staff

3 Planets to the west

There are other many more images.

You can see first light images of Subaru telescope on the folloeing site.
All object taken by NHK Hi-difinition color I.I camera (Please don't announce now. There has been trouble between NHK and Japanese gavament about copyright.) I took video monitor for NHK Hi-difinition color I.I camera using potable digital video camera. These images were made from them.

Jan/16 No.1 Jan/16 No.2 Jan/16 No.3 Jan/16 No.4 Jan/17 No.1 Jan/17 No.2 Jan/17 No.3

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